brand identity

The identity of your brand is a system of elements that work together on every touchpoint to create a powerful brand story. 
Brand identity is the most tangible element of your brand, the thing that people get in touch with and that they have a reaction to.

It is designed to create a specific set of emotions, guided by your goals.


Finding your style

We start from building 3 style scapes that we’ll help us determine what’s your brand aesthetic positioning. They will allow us to explore different visual directions and analyze each one’s pros and cons. The style scapes will become the basis of the future visual identity of the brand.
_Stylescape explorations

Creating the logo and beyond

The logo is a symbol of your brand and it needs to work as a minimal representation of who you are. It has a limited development ability so it needs to be supported by a system of elements that help deliver the complete message. It will make your brand instantly recognizable and it has to generate a specific idea. But the logo is just the first step of building an identity. The color palette is created to work with the logo and build the overall imagery of the brand.
_Logo directions
_Logo design
_Color palettes

Building the support system

From the logo, we move to other developmental stages and start creating additional support elements like packaging, illustrations or iconography. The additional materials are created both for online and offline purposes and are following the same design direction to make sure your brand is consistent in communication.
_Font families
_Packaging design
_Brand collaterals

Your brand identity is what makes you instantly recognizable to your customers and sets you apart in the market. Design is nothing without purpose, so we follow your business goals when designing every element of the brand.


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