brand strategy

Your brand is more than your logo, your name, your product or your history. Your brand is a set of perceptions set up by a coherent strategy.
Good strategies are built upon well-defined purposes. It’s what will set you apart, and what will make you different.

A strategy is about building a story through contrast, about finding your own place in the minds of the consumers.


Getting to the core

The first stages of the process consist of workshops focused on the 3 main issues at hand: discovering your brand, describing the ideal customer and planning the future. Brand discovery will let us dive into your brand’s core values, its culture, and its main benefits. The detailed description of our customers will allow us to create an efficient brand message and the strategic planning will give a clear picture of the most important steps and the order we have to take them in.
_Brand discovery workshop
_Customer profile workshop
_Strategic planning workshop

Setting it up

Based on the discovery phase we create the setting for our own research and approach. We build upon your set of values and define a solid foundation for your brand positioning and messaging. 

We’ll determine what sets you apart and how brand communication will work in building brand equity. We’ll define what is your brand’s voice, tone of voice and position the brand in relation to your main competitors.

_Competition scouting
_Brand positioning
_Core values
_Brand archetypes

Creating your war song

We’ll also create the brand manifesto, a core statement that defines your brand’s “why”, and the way you guide yourself. Detracted from that we’ll be creating the main messaging of the brand, your brand description in long, medium and short format and all the other core messages your brand requires.
_Brand voice & tone of voice
_Brand manifesto & messaging
_Brand naming

The main focus of this stage is to create a strong foundation for your brand’s identity and to lay down the bricks for building solid communication with your customers.


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