Brand sprint

The Minimum Viable Brand

A process designed to help you build a brand fast whilst not compromising strategy and long-term projections. But most importantly, whilst saving both money and time.

What you get



A set of guided workshops for your team aimed at discovering your internal company values, your purpose, mission, and vision so they become the foundation of your brand. This process will help you get clarity and allow us to build a healthy brand strategy.


Your business and your brand objectives

We are going to define your business objectives with the purpose of generating strategic solutions that will empower your brand to become a company driver. The trick is to balance business and brand strategy so that they support each other with little or no effort.


Ideal customer profile

We are going to define your ideal customer down to the finest details so that we can generate new ways of approaching them. As a result we’ll have a clear picture of her/his needs and desires, but most of all about how they fit your business goals.


A brand strategy

We’ll create a long-term plan so your brand can find its place in the market, by working intentionally on strategic positioning and radical differentiation. We’ll define the brand’s voice and tone of voice and provide a guide for communication.


A meaningful logo

We’ll build this fundamental brand identity elements on the pillars of purpose and promise, a synthesis of what you represent for your customers. The logo needs to encapsulate your vision for the future and your desired impact in customers’ lives.


A brand identity

We’ll create a system of visual elements that work together to deliver the company’s messages and deliver the results you desire. But most importantly, it will make your brand recognisable and identifiable in the market.


A brand book

A detailed guide of communication that will include brand messaging and visual guidelines. It’s a helpful tool in the hands of your team as it will include details about using the visual elements, building promotional materials and designing the points of contact with your customers.

What’s the
price tag?

Normally, building a brand is a long process that requires both time and financial resources, We designed a new framework that can respond to your needs more efficiently and save you money and time. We made it so you can walk out our virtual door in 2 weeks, with a great MVB - Minimum Viable Brand to serve you and help you reach your business goals.

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