Building a brand identity system

Sapient has been in business for more than 20 years and is one of the biggest players in real estate. It is a group of companies that provide a complete set of services and products for big real estate investors.

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The context

Sapient has built multiple small companies during their 20 years of existence, organically, as a response to the specific needs of their clients. They ended up building one of the most powerful companies in the industry.

The challenge

All these different companies under the Sapient umbrella had very different identities. We were required to create a common identity, but at the same time keep their individuality. We needed to create an identity system.

strategy and communication

Bringing it all together

The companies behind the Sapient name lacked common features, both in visual identity and naming. We changed that by renaming some of the companies and creating a common way of communication.

They all became divisions of the Sapient Group, deeply connected with the recognizable brand name. We also gave them an individual identity for their niches, so they can keep working independently. We also kept a common brand voice but made it specific to each little sector. This simplified both internal and external brand communication.

Defining the new brand identities also required new internal systems for managing communication, which brought much-needed clarity for employees. They now worked for the biggest name in the industry and this ends up building brand equity.

Sapient real-estate was the star company of the group because it had a great reputation and had managed to work with big clients over the years. This was the anchor point of the new brand strategy. At the same time, the existing Sapient reputation infused the smaller brands with trust, making them work much better independently.

For the Sapient Group this approach finally defined the size of the business, making a statement about who they are and positioning them in the industry.

design and identity

Building a flexible system

When it comes to the actual design we made some decisions regarding the visual direction based on what we’ve already established in the discovery and strategy phases. We made the decision to assign a symbol to the company logo as it was important to include the very important family side of the business. We went for a heraldic symbol, something that will speak clearly about family values and also evoke meaning.
We created a flexible design system that enables and joined two elements, their history, symbolized through a modern S monogram and their main value proposition - growth - the line that goes up and takes various shapes, depending on the sub-brand.

The entire brand architecture and the flexible design system leaves room for additional brand extensions that can be created by the in house design team.

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