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Valcris build elevators and are great at it. In fact, they are so determined to grow that they’ve built the most advanced elevator factory in Romania, with state of the art technology and integrated design and innovation departments. They made a name for themselves by delivering amazing products and continuously investing in development.

brand strategy
The context

The elevator market is dominated by major international players that have a tradition in elevator manufacturing and have huge businesses. In order to make your mark in an environment of this type, you really need to be nimble and adaptive.

The challenge

The complexity of the brand lies in its dichotomy, Valcris is a B2B business that focuses on the end consumers’ journey. We had to bridge the gap between the needs of the business client and the desires and expectations of the user.

Valcris had a great reputation in the market, driven solely by their high-quality products and excellent service. But their identity was far from that, especially because they had been through two failed rebranding attempts before.

We had to take it from the beginning to redesign their identity and do that as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

strategy and communication

Understanding the dichotomy

During our research, we found out that most of their clients were not technically savvy, but most were developers, businessmen. They spoke numbers, features, price, and quality. We reframed their strategy and created a product architecture, built upon the different features and technical characteristics.
We renamed each elevator model so that it was simple to understand the different features and characteristics. This solution gave us the opportunity to reframe the selling process and create a support system for the salesforce.
We created a brand messaging that would fit these newfound directions, following the same guidelines: clarity and simplicity. We put all these ideas into every material created for the brand, from logo to catalogs and website.
design and identity

Building trust and feeling safe

Interacting with an elevator involves most of our senses, from touch to sight. The elevators are modern, high-tech and beautifully designed machines and these characteristics needed to find themselves in the brand’s identity.
From a different perspective, the brand needs to feel professional and trustworthy. The salespeople need a good tool to help them make the sales, so it’s important that all the brand identity elements work together.
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