Abed Nego.
Rebranding a legacy

Abed Nego is a family-owned company with over 20 years of experience in the engineering, construction and restoration market. They are one of the biggest players in their industry managing multi-million dollar projects and have one of the most professionally specialized teams in the industry.


The context

Abed Nego has spent the last 20 plus years continuously developing their business. They have invested a lot of resources into creating one of the best teams in the industry and constantly improving their standards.

The challenge

Our biggest challenge was to shape a new brand that looked and felt like it had a history but in the meantime set the stage for what the future will bring. We had to communicate new beginnings, but at the same time convey family history and tradition.

design and identity

Uncovering what’s inside

We went through the discovery phase seeking to uncover the values that build the brand’s culture, in this case, they intertwined with their family values. We also look for that one thing that makes a brand great and sets it apart. It’s an element of high value that can make the difference between a good brand and a great one.

For Abed Nego it came down to one main thing that has guided them through all those years and has made them successful: their work ethic. With great efforts, they were able to engrain it deep into each employee and into the very fiber of the company. Now it defines the company. 

Like many other big companies, Abed Nego didn’t need to reinvent, they just needed to find a voice and see themselves as who they really are. It was our job to make sure this was happening and make everybody see who Abed Nego was. Our purpose in this process is to guide and make sure it runs as smoothly as possible. 

We took all the things that make Abed Nego great, put them into words and created the brand manifesto. This “war chant” of the brand is one of the building blocks of its identity. It speaks about family, meaning and leaving something behind, it’s about heritage and emotion. This is the starting point of designing the brand.

design and identity

Creating what’s outside

When it comes to the actual design we made some decisions regarding the visual direction based on what we’ve already established in the discovery and strategy phases. We made the decision to assign a symbol to the company logo as it was important to include the very important family side of the business. We went for a heraldic symbol, something that will speak clearly about family values and also evoke meaning.

We sought meaning into animal symbols and we’ve picked the one that incorporates all the values desired. Courage, nobility, strength, stateliness, and valor, the lion is a common charge in heraldry and it fits perfectly. Another important factor that we took into consideration was that one of the city symbols is a manticore, a double-tailed lion portrayed in the throne room of the old citadel of Oradea. It is the place of birth of the company and of the owners, a place with great meaning for the family. The lion also refers to Judeo-Christian symbolism, as does the name of the company.

The visual identity is constructed around the duality of heritage and modernity, with all the brand elements working together in a slight tension and contrast. The symbol’s meaning and its execution, the play between the symbol and bold logotype, the strong contrast between the brand colors - all speak about a company that looks boldly into the future while staying on a solid foundation of what it built in the past.

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