Anastasia Residence

Anastasia Residence is a premium real-estate project. Their main goal is to build apartments for young people at a new standard, with integrated monitoring technologies and top quality building materials. The project required a solid brand that would help them differentiate in a growing real estate market.

We have built an identity based on the client profile and on his needs and expectations. The logo and the visual identity follow a different pattern than usual. From letter shapes to colors we were inspired by natural elements to convey warmth, durability and a fresh approach.

One of the main brand values was to give people new standards that redefine living spaces. We took this promise into the brand line that became: the standards you deserve. This builds exactly on the common perception that building standards in the industry are not very high and that people feel like they deserve more. It was a good communication strategy and we communicated differently from the start. We have built long literary descriptions for every apartment that set a certain mood, stepping as far as we can from industry standards that revolved around space sizes and materials. Our main focus was to get people to engage differently with our brand and through this engagement to understand that everything was different about us.

brand strategy
logo redesign
brand identity redesign

The solution

A strategic approach to what communication meant, both from a visual and message perspective gave us the space to explore new spaces. We have built a brand that stands out and stands aside everyone else in the industry, making it clear that it has different values.

The challenge

Finding a way to change the expectations of the customer and make him understand that it’s ok to be demanding by building a brand that was different to the core.

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