Dare Hero

Dare Hero is a new video social platform where users and brands engage directly, creating unaltered and unmediated relationships. The main content of the platform will be video challenges, created by both users and brands, with the purpose of creating a long chain of connected content.

The DareHero platform aims to be the video social platform where people can entertain themselves by engaging with anyone around the world in continuous friendly competition. As the audience consists mainly of young people it was necessary to approach the name and identity creation accordingly. DareHero enveloped everything the brand wanted to create for the user, its promise and its main values.

A new platform needs users and a lot of attention to get traction so we thought about a way to jumpstart its journey. We needed a hero, so we created Dareman and a Youtube channel for his adventures. We were going to turn Dareman into an influencer and use his popularity to bring people to the platform. His main role was to create awareness around the type of content the future platform will have and engage as many people as possible.
We created a logo for Dareman using the future style of the main brand. This created a familiarity for the brand that allowed it to connect faster to consumers. Based on the emoji craze, we created a set of icons with different moods of the logo character. We used these online and offline by transforming them into stickers and getting people to interact with the brand.

The logo had to be dynamic, young and active to become relevant for the target audience. From then on it will be the platform design that will build a further connection with the brand. We created a dynamic and young logo using the hero-like D shape letterform. While the custom logotype borrows from the logo-mark, the edgy shapes create an overall cohesive feeling.


The challenge

Building a brand that would quickly become relevant for audiences accustomed to other more grounded platforms and finding the way to engage them effectively.

The solution

As the plan was to attract a diverse audience we created a strategy that would involve attacking different groups in different stages. The early adopters would be the first targeted through influencers and character building. DareHero and Dareman enveloped everything the brand wanted to create for the users, a fun experience around connecting through challenges.

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