Gig Tour Rebranding

Sometimes having a history in the business is not sufficient to keep you relevant for the customers. This is what convinced GIG Tours to approach us for a rebranding. GIG was a big people transportation company that has been in business for the last 30 years and they found themselves confronted with a complicated problem, an aging audience and limited relevance for the younger crowd. The fact that the business sector was very attractive made a lot of competitors appear and they were making extended efforts to engage customers.

GIG had a good reputation and a lot of transport experience but they needed to update their overall image and strengthen their presence in the market. The main goal was to attract younger audiences whilst keeping their appeal for the existing, older customer base. A younger audience meant a new perspective on how comfort and safety were understood, on what services were needed and on how to tackle client expectations. The first step was integrating new technologies and client service philosophy into the brand experience. The next step was to build a brand identity that would fit these updated values and communicate efficiently.

The new identity required a logo that would be easily adaptable to the business needs of the company and also accommodate communication patterns directed to a younger audience. Business partners required a certain approach when it came to brand communication so this was an important requirement that we needed to focus on. The solution we developed needed to mix these two strategic business goals: keeping a solid B2B communication and acquiring younger customers.  

We started from the values of the brand and created a new concept for the logo, a clean interpretation of a symbolic road and the capital letter G. Because we all use shortcuts to connect meaning and purpose, we created playful patterns from different icons and symbols to bring the new visual identity of the brand closer to the younger audience. We played with the idea of emoticons, a shortcut in communication used by young audiences, and found them to be a great way to connect with them. These patterns created from symbols and icons related to travel and leisure and their purpose was to create a certain mood. We also used them to “dress up” all the vehicles of the company and brought these online icons into the real world. Each design solution was adapted to the different types of vehicles the company had.

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logo redesign
brand identity redesign
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The solution

Building a new brand that would appeal to younger crowds by using powerful colors and familiar ways of communication adapted to our purpose. All of this was done without becoming too playful because maintaining credibility with the business partners was a must.

The challenge

Creating a new identity for a company with a history that had to maintain its perception in the business world, but also create engagement with a totally new and different younger audience.

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